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      Chris i wanted to push myself with the choices and i already have so much slate stuff it felt like i was a salesman

      slate 1176 blue stripe
      cla la2a
      slate verb classic verb
      slate London for saturation
      cubase channel eq
      slate red buss compressor
      cubase maximizer for limiter

      added cubase de-esser

      pre delays set to 78 millisecond(busted that down to 20 and lowered the verb was to much like an echo) and loads of panning and vocal bus rides ect.
      thx Chris

      i have never had so much processing power available i miss my tape machine but i wanted to put the new slate plugin thru its paces
      i loved doing this guys and i hope you guys have more for us
      as it gets harder to have our mixes on feedback friday getting more feedback from you guys will become more valuable then ever
      this was really fun thank a ton

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      • This reply was modified 7 years ago by Kip.
      Maurice Beekman

        Great initiative! I also like the idea of having these kind of mixes next to the feedback Friday mixes. My holiday started so i don't have the time to partipate in this one. I'm gonna listen to the results though sitting in a chair with a beer.

        Kip, i see the Slate london in your list. I didn't have the time to test it yet but i assume it's nice because you used it πŸ™‚



          all 3 were really cool but i wanted to be able to to use 1 plug to use for /console /saturation /tape machine duty and i think it did a good job on all three
          i think 1 thing we will be able to take away from these is that certain tools we have we dont know what they're capable of ...i know i dont really have a grasp of my daw as i should

          Chris Sweet

            Just gave my mix the car test. Vocals are still a little spitty. Bass is a little louder than I intended on the verses. Not bad though...

            Chris Sweet

              Good effort Kip. I think you could afford to pull a some more bottom out of the vocals. They sound a little boomy still.


                your right i liked on the loud parts but on the verses it does sound shitty over all i could try automating eq which ive never tryed
                or duplicate the track and treat them separate...
                might just try that automation since im going for that out of comfort zone thing

                Maurice Beekman

                  Great first mix using only 7 plugins. I agree on the vocals, i like the bass however on my hifi stereo set. The snare sounds a bit dull to my ears.

                  Maurice Beekman

                    Nice mix Kip! I like the ambiance. Maybe the 7th plugin a deesser? The vocals are very direct which is nice but maybe 1 or 2 db's lower. Or as Chris suggest tweaking the bottom end. Cool what can be done with just a few plugins.


                      I better get my finger out... still messing about with the vocals...

                      My usual brand of lunacy is harder to achieve without my Soundtoys... taking longer than usual πŸ˜‰


                        alright guys i should stop fiddling 3rd mix is up thank you guys for the comments found out that london really piles on the bass in console mode. that was most of my vocal problem
                        this is really been an eye opener for the lusting for gear / plugins....now if i only had more knowledge

                        and im still lusting....just now i know there are no excuses


                          cant wait toby


                            Hi Guys,

                            This was a great exercise, I had almost the same conclusions as Chris.

                            1 - I have way too many plugins
                            2 - De-essing plugins are underrated
                            3 - I saved some time not agonizing over what plugin to use πŸ˜‰

                            Here’s my 7…

                            1 – Waves SSL
                            2 – Logic stock compressor
                            3 – Pro Q2
                            4 – Echoboy
                            5 – Slate VTM
                            6 – Slate β€˜New York’ (new, going to try it out)
                            7 – Waves SSL bus comp

                            Limiter – Slate FG-X

                            Really enjoyed this, looking forward to the next one! Thanks alot!
                            I'll check out all the mixes a little later, got to pop out for a bit.


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