Chris i wanted to push myself with the choices and i already have so much slate stuff it felt like i was a salesman

    slate 1176 blue stripe
    cla la2a
    slate verb classic verb
    slate London for saturation
    cubase channel eq
    slate red buss compressor
    cubase maximizer for limiter

    added cubase de-esser

    pre delays set to 78 millisecond(busted that down to 20 and lowered the verb was to much like an echo) and loads of panning and vocal bus rides ect.
    thx Chris

    i have never had so much processing power available i miss my tape machine but i wanted to put the new slate plugin thru its paces
    i loved doing this guys and i hope you guys have more for us
    as it gets harder to have our mixes on feedback friday getting more feedback from you guys will become more valuable then ever
    this was really fun thank a ton

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    • This reply was modified 7 years ago by Kip.