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Michael Hordorwich

    Oh yeah hear ya on the tuning. I've had some drummers think I'm nuts when I ask on a particular song if they could tune to the song and I even have a tuner and they're still confused. When I play on my own songs I don't always tune to the song but sometimes I do think it works! Gotta love the kits with original heads some broke taped with duct tape lmfao. Or yes as you said cheap cymbals OMG nothing more shrilling sounding and I can never get them sounding good in the ohS, Only time I cringe at people using my customs or paistes are thee bashers with no dynamics or the guys with the cymbals super high out of reach lmao, too many stories I have. I'm definitely taking your advice on the 57 trick thanks for that. Lately I haven't even miced the hats as I rarely use them I get enough out of the oh's, I mean I have the best mica and enough of them but heck I'll even use the glyn Johns technique, xy or stereo pair depending on the drummer. Oh and I also stopped micing the bottom snare as again I rarely use it so just more noise and I can't stand too much snare wire sound but Man your technique you told me about with the 57 on the snare will be perfect for my setup. Also too I found some really old mics I'm going to try to use for rooms just to see. I'll show you some pics if they sound good. Let me know how the telephone and other stuff works. Oh and I can only use a beta 52 on bass drum I don't like the d112 but tell me how good is the dbx160x, I just bought the dbx166l, haven't tried it yet, hoping it's cool like the older 160's . Another ? If you don't mind is about the audix mics,as I absolutely love my 421's on toms but scared cause I just bought 4 new ones that a basher will hit them so looking for an alternative not just for that but even though my fav is the 421's tell me more about the audio if you don't mind, compared to the 421's' I do have a couple of electrovoice mics I like a lot. So any hints or ideas I'd appreciate, again my fav setup is 57 snare top, beta 52 kick, 421's toms, sm81's oh's, c414 oh's or rooms, Mojave ma200 tube mic room just started trying this as I bought it for vocals heck it was $1,200 so I said heck try it on a mono room mic. Oh and I never tried to use a subkick or another bass drum so any techniques for that as I have plenty of mics and drums so just need advice. Hey appreciate it and thanks again. Mike

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