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Michael Hordorwich

    yeah i can offer guitar bass and drum advice as im a teacher of all but in a different facet like you said toby, proper tuning and i would include instrument setup, intonation, proper baffling on drums, drum tuning, using a capo etc, different gauge strings for a certain tone/song and so many other things to offer. I Used to teach at a music store but now just teach out of my home. I do believe having instrument knowledge helps you with your engineering and producing. I Have my engineering degree but to be honest i've learned more on my own than i did from school but it did help and the degree in my studio wall looks good i guess lol. Well toby you seem as passionate and dedicated as i am so maybe we could help warren out actually assist him with this part of the forum and some great ideas. I do have extra time now as i have admins in my groups and they help me run it so much. I never thought i'd pay to join a recording site like this but after watching warren's youtube videos and seeing his genuine love for music,gear and people plus he just happens to be a great songwriter, producer and musician i finally found a person who i want learn from. It was a bonus meeting guys like you in here with the talent and passion so i made a wise decision and will continue to promote PLAP Acadamy on all my social media forums,blogs and sites. Anyways whatever happens i'm glad we met and think we can share and collaborate together. Sorry long message lol but i can talk music all day and night. I guess first thing is getting this passed. Also i made a post about mixing teams etc. so i believe you and i are on the same wavelength and i'd say let's get some stuff going! Here's to making it happen toby. Send me your email so i can send you all my ideas. I agree we need to come up with to best way to utilize warrens time because i enjoy all his workings not just here but the studio tours etc. So thats the biggest key is time and like i said it may have to be an extra fee imo to make it happen and then would also when people pay for something they end up usually putting more time in and take it more seriously. Ok i'm done for now lol Keep rocking and recording and lets email buddy. Sincerely, michael