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    Uh Oh... time to get it done people 😉

    Member Nominations (Final Version)

    1. Each month PLAPA members can nominate another member's production for feedback.

    a) They do this by creating a new topic in the 'soon to be created' Member Production Feedback Thread.

    b) They must include the following in the topic title:

    i) The title of the Production
    ii) The name/names of the Producer(s)
    iii) The 'experience level*' of the production. There are 3 levels :
    a) Beginner
    b) Intermediate
    c) Advanced

    *Experiences levels are intended to help encourage Producers of all backgrounds and skill levels to upload productions. First and foremost PLAPA is a safe place to learn. There are no experts!

    The experience levels are intended as guidelines, not hard and fast definitions. Members should use their own common sense when deciding the experience level of a production.

    c) They must include the following in the posting:

    i) The date of their last nomination.
    ii) A link to the original posting of the production (in the Personal Mixers Thread).
    iii) The names of any additional PLAPA members who worked on the production.
    iii) Reasons for their nomination.

    2. Other members can then '2nd' the nomination by replying to the topic, stating their reasons why.

    3. At the end of each week the productions with the most nominations get included in Feedback Friday.

    4. Once included in Feedback Friday, the topic for that production is closed by a moderator.


    1. Each member can only nominate one new production per calendar month.

    2. Each member can '2nd' / support as many nominations as they like.

    3. Members cannot nominate their own production*. Sorry. Deal with it.

    4. Members cannot 'vote down' nominations. Support or nothing.

    *If a member posts a production for feedback, they cannot nominate it (regardless of whether they were the actual Producer or not). Equally if members worked on a production, they cannot nominate it. But they can support / second a nomination.

    For example : If four PLAPA members were involved in a Production, none of them could nominate that production. But all of them could support / second a nomination. This is intended to encourage Member Collaboration.


    1. The number of nominated productions featured in Feedback Friday can vary, depending on time constraints etc.

    2. When nominating a production, members might consider the following* :

    a) Has the production been developed as much as possible by member feedback?

    b) Does the production feature work by more than one PLAPA member?

    c) Has the member responsible for the production already received feedback for one of their productions?

    d) Most importantly, why do they like the production?

    *Members are free to nominate a production, simply because they like it. The guidelines are only suggestions.

    3. Productions seeking nomination are simply posted, as they are now, in the personal mixes thread.


    A moderator will almost certainly be required to oversee the nominations and help members get used to the new system etc. I'm happy to volunteer for this. And not just because I'm a power crazy maniac, but also because after 7 years of teaching I believe wholeheartedly in what Warren is building here.

    ------------ELIGIBLE PRODUCTIONS-----------


    Productions must have a totally running time / track length of less than 5 minutes. Not 5 minutes 15 seconds, 5 and a bit minutes or 5 minutes plus a short intro and a reprise 😉 5 minutes - MAX!

    I call this 'The Olly Alcock Rule'. 😉 And is a practical necessity, allowing us to accommodate as many Productions as possible.


    To keep things as simple as possible, for the time being, all Productions are eligible for nomination.

    However I am personally unsure as to whether paid, professional productions should be eligible.

    I'm inclined to say, that pro productions should be dealt with separately, by Warren setting up a Premium service for feedback. Afterall, his experience as Producer is extremely valuable, if there's a budget for the production, there should be some financial recognition of that value.

    However where you draw the line between pro production, and low budget production, to doing it at cost for a favor to the band, etc... I'm not sure and could be problematic.

    And, of course, Warren may be too busy and/or have no interest in setting up a Premium Feedback service. for the time being all Productions are eligible for nomination.


    I think I've covered all the bases.

    It'd be good to have the system up and running for the beginning of the New Year. And have member productions featured for feedback by the beginning of February (perhaps even before that).

    I think we should agree to give The Nomination System a good go (it's taken a year to get this far). Members are, of course, free to post comments and suggestions. We will review the system at the beginning of April, to see what adjustments / improvements need to be made. Until April, I think it's important we all try to make this system work.

    The time for talk is over. Time to get it done. 😉

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