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Mats Dagerlind

    Steinberg basically wrote the book of DAWs and I've been with Cubase since the Atari days, but it's a very different market nowdays with several top competitors, so I guess Steinberg cannot be expected to take the lead everytime, but have to glance at what the other DAW vendors come up with, and Studio One is really there at the forefront. I bought it recently but haven't had time to test it thoroughly yet.

    As for blacklisted plugins; the 64 bit Scuffham SGear 2 64-bit works fine for me, as does the iZotope Vinyl 64-bit mentioned earlier in this thread. I don't use any other iZotope plugins, so I don't know about them. Also I didn't read anywhere that Steinberg has dropped 32-bit plugin support for the 64 bit version of Cubase, but that may very well be the case and the explanation for why some old plugins are no longer working.