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    Mark Ogier

      Hi there all,

      My first post, recently joined. Loving all the great info here.

      I play in a covers band and I take on 'production' duties. No complaints, I am loving the experience. But phew what a learning curve! 🙂

      Am using PT 2020.12 with an Apollo 8x IF. Loads of plugins (as usual!).

      We (My Wife and I) recently had a go at Yesterday as a duo. She sings, I play. Recorded the acoustic (Epiphone Hummingbird) with a Lewitt 160 as recommended by Warren in one if his wonderful vid's. Placed at the neck body joint position, about 12 inches out.

      Vocals with a Rode NT2.

      As you will guess, we are just a basic home studio setup. Enthusiastic amateurs!

      So I would really appreciate some advice on getting 'that' acoustic guitar sound that the amazing Mr. Martin achieved when recording Paul. The bass is so tight the guitar sounds like a conga drum in places. Maybe that was the idea to give the song some rhythmic drive. Who knows.

      My effort leaves my guitar sounding boomy in the bass and 'too sweet and mellow' elsewhere. I just cant get that rhythmic, almost staccato sound. Now I know I aint no Paul McCartney 🙂 but even for him, there is something being 'done' to that guitar sound that I just dont get.

      I have tried compression. Tames the bass a bit but still too warm.

      I tried various EQ settings and cant seem to find what is going on.

      I know it aint always the case to slavishly copy but for me this is more of a learning exercise into what the hell is going on!

      Really appreciate any ideas.

      I can post a link to my efforts if that helps.

      Stay safe




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