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    Terry Westley

      Over the last 12 months i have reduced my outboard gear by some way, 10-15 years ago before i moved house i used to have a garage studio at that time i was running Logic and had TL Audio and Focusrite Valve Compressors, some low priced Valve Pre-Amps, Yamaha O1V Mixer Desk, a plethora of decent mics, SE Valve, Rhodes etc and Dynaaudio Speakers and industry standard head phones, all linked to mac mini through MOTU 896. Over the last 12 months after looking at all this gear stockpiled in my loft and looking at my small bedroom i realised i had to much gear. So the MOTU went and the O1V and was replaced with Saffire Pro 40, which has been used for mobile works with outboard reverb. The valve pres i had were replaced with Focusrite ISA2 Pre-Amp, and then soon to follow was the Apollo Twin with Satellite Octo, the Mac-Mini has been replaced recently now so i have the CPU to access Waves and Steven Slate Plugins.

      And Sat in my Rack are these 2 lovely looking Compressors which just don't get used, i tried to use the TLA and then focusrite with a vocalist the other day and what with the hiss and all i reverted to sticking LA2A on the input channel in the Apollo, which i can record with if i need to on the way in with apollo's mixer desk

      I cannot see any use for the last of my outboard gear any more! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

      Patrick Schindler

        If you ask like that, I actually think you kinda answered your own question.

        Terry Westley

          I think your right, there gonna go and will
          sell on eBay, I could do with some drum mics for toms/ oheads so this money can hopefully go towards them, I have seen both compressors go for about £2-250

          Joey Boswell

            Unless you need the space or cash I would keep them for color. I made the mistake of selling of some vintage compressors last year. I went back to eBay and Sweetwater and purchased the same ones again with some additional new 2-bus compressors. Analog compressors just seem to push through a mix IMO. I tried the "ALL ITB" but just couldn't get my mixes were I wanted it with the digital compression. I made mix comparisons to my older analog mixes and my ITB compression didn't measure up. Maybe me though.


              i asked my self the same question was gonna doit ...wife was just keep them. it could be the difference in getting the band through your door and them going down the street to the next guy....but in all honestly i think hardware compression is just easier on digital mixers and in the box i dont like it but i think its the way now

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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