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    John Poloyannis

      Hi All,

      I am just finalising a mix, and I am Mastering myself.... which is not a good idea. I am looking at who's out there that I can get to master the song.

      The question is who is the best one to go with, or who do you guys recommend?

      Thanks in advance.

      Arthur Labus

        Hi John,
        honestly, i think its nothing wrong with mastering own music.
        Personally i only know LANDR and it should be not that "good" - but waht do you expect ?
        If you are looking for some more as just make the mix louder (and/or ruin it) - i would reccomend to contact some Academy members like Sara Carter or Fabio Minuzzi.
        Hope it helps

        Fabio Minuzzi

          Hey John,

          I read your request. If you want I can have a listen to it an d master it for you.

          You can write me a email: [email protected]
          You can also have a look at my SoundCloud

          If you have any questions just hit me up

          James Gorman

            Someone you get on with and can trust.

            First ME took me too literally and overdid the bass, would have preferred some push back. My second ME was someone the band found and he _should_ have told me to go back and fix the top end balance of my mix. It wasn't that either of them were not technically proficient, but with my lack of experience and a lack of relationship we didn't get a good a result as we otherwise could have.

            After that worked much more closely with a couple of other guys in the same mastering house, talk early, sent samples over before the session. Attended the beginnings and ends of the sessions to make sure we were all on the same page (the middle is messy). All in all a better result.

            That said, do you need an ME? No, but if you can afford it and want a commercial (or club) release then they have their benefits, both in quality assurance and making albums sound whole (if/when you have an album).

            James Gorman

              (so yeah, if you want mastering, ping Fab set up time to talk a little, or hunt round your local scene, see who's worked with who)

              John Poloyannis

                Thanks for your reply Arthur,

                Ultimtely, Mastering your own work is possible.... but being too close to the music sometimes can hinder a good mix/master. Making it too load is not good, but I guess it has to be commercia levels.

                John Poloyannis

                  Thanks James,

                  I think you hit the nail on the head. Its really that second opinion before mastering, to say wait up this is wrong... fix that and then we can progress. If its someone to just make it louder, I can do that.

                  I think it would be good for a couple of times to see what someone with fresh ears and experience can do.

                  Also, band members know there is something wrong...especially minor stuff, but can't articulate what the issues are. The problem is where its not totally obvious. someone with good ears and experience can say its this or that, or just master it. i hope so that is.

                  John Poloyannis

                    Thanks Fabio, I might take you up on that. I'll send you an email.

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