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    jC Loewe

      I spent far too much time on this mix. The drums were just a production afterthought; 11 guitar tracks: yes, 6 piano tracks: yes, string quartet: soft bass track and distorted drums lifted from drum loops, not even in tempo or synchronized: why? But, being hard-headed as I can be, I decided I could make this work, since the song ultimately seemed to have promise...

      Two months later, I finally gave in to replace the drums and enhance the bass. The time wasn't a complete waste because I made a deep dive into multiple techniques. But the drums, at least, had to go, I couldn't put anything good against them.

      What I'm wondering from you all, when do you use drum replacement? What makes you decide? How do you prefer to do it? It isn't a technique I'm accustomed to, wasn't so easy to accomplish when I was in school.

      FYI, I decided to try out SPL Drum XChanger, and it was stupid easy to use, can imagine a lot of more creative uses for that plugin.

      CJ [Spectrum424]

        Hey JC,

        I would say whenever the drums are completely wrong and don't fit the song.

        Either poorly recorded or if it's a hard hitting rock song and the drummer played with tooth-picks.
        And no matter how I EQ or compress doesn't fix it then I deff. consider replacing them. Anything that will make them fit the context of the song.

        Depending on the source I either use Trigger from Slate for individual drums or Addictive Drums for the whole kit.


        jC Loewe

          Thanks, CJ (ha!)

          Good points, I should have been more assertive, I think. But what about when it's not just the sound of the drums or how they're recorded, but the performance, or rhythms uncharacteristic for the song? I've had so much push-back in the past, that's the composer/producer in me coming out.

          There were issues in all areas here, and exactly, no matter what Comp/EQ tech I tried it wouldn't work, but I thought I could still do it. I couldn't get out of my own head, I guess.

          Trigger is really great, I don't have it yet. I've been using SSD, both the samples and the plugin. SPL worked so easily though. I've switched from ProTools to Studio One, which has great tools for instrument replacement/additions but SPL was much better here.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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