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    Magnus Johansson

      Just discovered (and got somewhat angry, rant warning flag) that an album I listen to regulary on Spotify has been removed from the service. Even though being a Spotify subscriber I still occasionally buy me some cd:s. My question is.. what gets you buying a physical copy of some music? Does anybody buy downloads?

      Let´s fire this off with why I buy a cd.
      I want to support the artist some more.
      There´s some audio not available in the streaming service.
      The booklet

      Why I get pissed when I buy a cd
      Audio quality / mastering is dreadful... happens about 98,8% of the times. WTF
      There´s less audio tracks than on streaming service. Happens too often.
      Printing suck, I love reading some credits but when fontsize is smaller than the printing quality can handle..

      When do I buy downloads? I realy rarely do. Criteria one... Lossless. I do have bought three lossy albums on iTunes. I wont say I never buy another but... I don´t know what would make me do it again.

      When do I buy vinyl? I have bought my last vinyl... 20 years ago! Could be if I stumbled upon something collectable. New printed vinyl... No way.

      In short... what gets me really happy going physical...
      Some additional songs not streamable. An additional live cd.
      Some nice packaging

      What I expect from a physical unit... Audio quality without audible clipping distorsion. Really, is that too much to ask for.

      Musa Henderson

        so i never buy downloads i just stream. i do buy vinyls and cods. vinyl if i LOVE the album. has to be a favourite album of mine. CDs at gigs just to help the local level bands out....and i want people to buy my bands CDs......

        Warren Huart

          Hi Mange and Musa, I personally also like Spotify, it's a great tool that allows us to discover new music and find all of the gems we forgot! I haven't bought a CD in a long time! But I like to buy Vinyl of my favourite albums, mainly the classic original ones I used to own. It's 99.99999% Nostalgia! But I love owning them and I try to collect signed copies! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

          Cris Sabater Sabater

            Hi guys, I tend to buy all my music via CD or Vinyl. I will usually check something out on YouTube as so much music is up on that media and then if I like something I will go out and support the Artist and buy their Album. Vinyl is certainly making a come back and that is a very good thing I think. 🙂

            Johnny Fuller

              hmmm. I buy MP3's all the time. I like to support the artists and it's convenient. I download 'em to my phone. If I hear 2 or three tracks from the same artist, I download the album/CD. LOVE, love, love Bastille but I first downloaded the song, Bad Blood, then heard another track from that album and then another and I bought and downloaded it. The same with The Gaslight Anthem and the 1975.
              that's how I roll, but I'm older so...

              Michael Hordorwich

                Cris Vinyl is making a comeback and to me it's the best thing to happen to music in a long time. I have a friend here in the chicagoland area who own mile long records recording studio and label now defunct but opened mile long records, a record store and sells only vinyl and to see young kids buying vinyl makes me so happy. To me its the best way to listen to music plus having all the artwork, pics, credits is an added bonus and lets the listener get more in tune with the band. I hate mp3's, digital download and people just basically stealing artists music by downloading for free. Music has been in a sad state for a long time imo and i see some good changes happening and hope it continues. Glad to see others actually support the artists like us, good on you Cris.

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