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      I have this drum idea and something ist wrong with the timing.
      The drums are kind of bumby / clumsy (don´t know the right word in englisch; sorry).
      The feeling is not right.
      They are meant to sound sluggish or rather heavy because of the song but not wrong 🙂
      Or am I listening to it to much so my ears fool me?

      Can you help me please? Is it the kd or the snare? all together?

      I can give you the midi too....

      Arthur Labus

        i am very curious 🙂 I'll listen to that stuff just after work.
        Please, upload MIDI file too, so i could try it with "my´" drum kits.
        Later !


        PS: what's your name ? What about to introduce you ?


          Excuse me, I have not introduced myself properly. My name is Valentin.
          I just wrote a post in the "Introduce Yourself" forum. Check that out 🙂

          Ecxited to hear from you, Arthur!


          Here the *.midi. Mapping must be TD-30 or E-Drum.

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          Arthur Labus

            Jawohl Valentin 😉
            As i said, asap after work ! Thanks for midi, do my best ...


            Arthur Labus

              Hi Valentin,

              so, firstable the hits are really heavy offbeat.
              If it was programmed and the humanized - it was simply too much.
              If it was played (keyboard ?) - not to grid.
              Secondly: there is a bit too much inconsistency. Drum kick for example.
              I would try to get proper (to fit the song) rhythm (without humanizing first) with kick, snare and hihats.
              Without all that snare hits in between. If you want to have them - they should be "played" with significant less velocity as main hit snare on grid.

              Should i try to make my "blind" version ?! What's the BPM ?

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                At first: Thank you very much!

                The midi notes don´t seem the be very off in my daw. But it got quantized and humanized multiple times in the absence of a better alternative. The part was played live (drummer is not very good), recorded with the wrong tempo and then got rearranged to fit the tempo (140bpm / 70 bpm).

                Would be marvelously (in Warren´s terms) if you make a "blind" version!!

                Arthur Labus

                  Ok, here's my "blind" attempt. Everything on grid, just for first sight.


                    woooooow mega!
                    Fits perfectly!

                    Can you send me the midi file please ?

                    Arthur Labus

                      Here it is. You have to move some tracks inside, due i have another kind of drum software.


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