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    Richard MacLemale

      New academy member here, so if I'm putting this question in the wrong place, just let me know. I've got a small very budget home studio and am slowly upgrading over time. I started out recording vocals with a Rhode NT1A. Eventually I bought a AKG c214, which I definitely like better. But I'm thinking about getting a new mic in the $600 to $800 range. I like the AKG c214, but I seem to have to work at it pretty hard to get it to sound airy and also warm. Anyone had good luck with a mic in the $600 - $800 price range? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

      face (chris) Janton

        Check the mics at Advanced Audio -
        They have tubes as well.

        I am a huge fan of the DM20 (dynamic) as my RE20 goto for voice over.

        The Roswell mics look and sound nice as well -

        Or the PLAPA favorites of Lewitt - - discounts available for members of the academy.

        Find a nearby studio that has a U67 and rent some time? 😉

        Martin Østervig Larsen

          Hi Richard,

          An option could be the Lewitt LCT-840 which is almost within your budget if you can get the academy discount. It's a tube mic with a lot of warmth and air. I own two of these and think they sound amazing. It could be a good supplement to your AKG.

          If you don't have a Shure SM7 you might want to look at that as well. It's a great vocal mic that doesn't break the bank.

          If you go to the used market you can also get some of the cheaper stuff from Neumann, Brauner or the like. A lot of people is raving about the Warm Audio stuff but I don't have personal experience with those. But you might want to check those out as well.


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