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    Patrik Wahlund

      Hi Friends,

      I have been trying to work in the Warrior Session but this time Pro Tools been driving me nuts. The session run for a bit then stops because it has problems streaming audio from the harddrive (68 tracks).
      Disk activity reads as high as 75-80% when I start and after playing the session for about 20-30 seconds the session disk activity peaks and stops due to the streaming audio problem. I recently ran a session with 58 tracks and disk activity was around 25-30% with the same sample rate and bit depth. CPU peaks at 18% and memory usage reads 10%.

      I then import all files into Studio One and disk usage now runs at approximately 30%. Weird!
      Yesterday a friend told me to import all tracks into a new Pro Tools session. The new session works perfectly and as expected disk activity reads approximately 30%. I now reopen the old original session and then I am having the same problem again. I have never encountered this problem before and as far as I know it only happens with this session.

      Problem is solved (yes!) but does anybody know why this happens. Is this a known PT problem and is there a better way of solving this than creating a new session and importing all files. There might be cases when you really want to work from the original session.

      Any suggestions or thoughts?

      Bless /Patrik

      Ps. I am running:
      27" iMac (late 2012), 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7, 32 GB RAM,
      OS X 10.11.6, audio streaming from a fast thunderbolt external drive.
      Pro Tools version 12.6.0

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      chris massa


        I add 4GB to the disk cache instead of normal setting. Sometimes Pro Tools session just gets corrupt. And importing
        is a great work around. But normally not an issue. I'm using 12.5.2 still. I need the midi feature that is broke right now. I use a Mac Tower Hex Core OSX yosemite but all my drive are SSD.

        Patrik Wahlund

          Thanks Chris, I'll try this.

          Sean Carango

            Also make sure your session files are on a different drive the your system drive.

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