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    Guido tum Suden

      Hi Warren (and everyone, who would like to give a feedback),

      I've got a couple of questions regarding the drum recordings we got with "Hey Lady" and "Bullet", which I think were recorded on your Ludwig Drum Set.

      I'm wondering about some of the sounds:
      Let's start with the kick. I know that your kick is closed and so you are recording the resonance head from the outside. So, why don't you have a permanently installed kick drum mic inside the kick?

      In one or both of the recordings the snare wires are fluttering on the initial hit. Does that sometimes happen e.g. when a drummer plays very loud or were the wires not fastened enough?

      On "Hey Lady" I was wondering if you had one mic for two toms? I was not entirely sure I heard two different toms.


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