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    Just Lisa

      Hi all!

      All the videos are jam packed with good information.  A little repetitive -- it seems as though they shot a lot of footage intending to edit it down to one course but that would be an Herculean task!

      For anyone who has watched the videos, and maybe Dr. Sokol himself (first do no harm -- genius):

      He relies heavily on his gear, which we already knew, but all the plug ins he used for his demonstrations were not plug ins the average user might have.  Which Waves or IK Multimedia plug ins would be good substitutes?  I'd like to try my hand but don't want to buy anything new right now.

      Kudos for the discussion about compression and eq using the sinewave and white noise!  Seriously great idea and something i've been meaning to do with some of the plug ins I have that I never use because I can't tell what all the little knobs are for!  Not having a background in real world gear, I find I prefer gui's with less realistic layouts.  (Except for my darling H-comp.)

      Anyone else, questions, discussions?

      : )


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