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    Zach Fell

      Here is a video of my room

      During todays live stream (10/11/18) I asked about what I could do to treat my room for under $500. I described my room in my question, but I actually decided to change rooms and moved into the slightly bigger room and re-calibrated my room with the SonarWorks 4 software.

      I am open to all reasonable help 🙂


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      Jason Davenport

        Cool room Zach! I recently re-did my room and added some home made acoustic panels which helped tremendously with reflections. I have included a link to my post which only has a couple of pictures, but you can get the idea. Made all the panels myself for less than $500. They could be done cheaper, but my wife picked some really nice fabric to cover them. I also use a bookshelf as a diffuser on my back wall. Bought the insulation from ATS acoustics, and it was the 2nd most expensive item on the list. Shipping is high, so if you can find a local source, it will be cheaper. Used Bobby Owsinski's book "The Studio Builders Handbook" for designs and also for the formula to figure out which frequencies were problematic. Good luck!

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