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    Andrew Mckenzie

      Hey there Reason users, I thought I would share a combinator with you that performs a similar function to Warrens vocal thickening method (if you haven't already watched that video I strongly recommend it). The advantage to using a combi is of course, in typical Reason fashion, to produce the same effect live. That means we don't have to duplicate and manipulate the one vocal track 8 or more times to get the effect.

      Note that I am using "Polar" RE from Propellerheads and "Tube Delay" RE from Softube along with a few other components included in Reason. You could use any delay or not include the delay, but you would require "Polar" to be able to use this combinator as intended.

      So I add a mix channel straight after the vocal track I want to use and then place the combinator below the mix channel. The combi inputs should be hooked up to the parallel pre outs of the vocal track and the combi outputs go to the mix channel inputs (I'll include a pic to help). This way the mix channel fader can be used to blend in the right amount with the vocal track.

      I've added a verb on/off and wet/dry as well as the delay on/off and wet/dry on the combi panel so these can be adjusted to taste. there is also a main level adjustment in case you wanted to route it as an insert etc.

      Anyway feel free to give it a try and let me know how you go with it....


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