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    James channon

      Hi, I'm thinking of buying the waves vocal rider. It's on offer today for $99 which is about £65 for me! Has anyone got this? If so would you recommend it? I'm just starting to build up my itb plugins. Pretty impressed with what I have purchased so far. Everything I get from waves seems pretty awesome!

      Magnus Johansson

        I have both Waves Rider plugins. They are both great plugins but as all plugins, pretty overpriced. I´d say 99 is not that good of a deal but that also somewhat depends on your budget. I got it cheaper when its asking price was 300.

        One thing about the rider plugs is that they are eiter a hit or a miss. Sometimes they just don´t cut it and sometimes they are superb.

        Also, check out audiodeluxe.com and plugindiscounts.com for the best prices. As an example... SSL bundle for 215 on plugindiscounts. A significant difference from the Waves site (300). Buying from the Waves store you also get better prices when buying more than one and they always have a 10% discount code alive. just google for it.

        Cris Sabater Sabater

          Hi Unionking, I have vocal rider and it is pretty good. I use it this way, I have it automated on it's own track in Studio One 3 this way I can keep the actual track fader free and if needed automate that as well. Another good thing about vocal rider is that after it has done it's thing you can go back in if needed and change points of automation within the performance with is great! Yes perhaps this adds more time to it but if the performance was good in the first place then it should work fine.

          My interest would be to hear if anyone has used it on anything other than vocals? I think I may need to experiment and see if it works on anything else!

          Cheers mate,


          Magnus Johansson

            When I try to record the vocal rider automation in studio one I only get a much simplified curve of the ride. Would be grateful if somebody could point me to some setting in studio one so it recorded a more detailed curve. Because of this I automate the other ride controllable parameters in vocal rider when it needs some help. This little workaround has worked out well so far.


              I've found that I have to play with the fast/slow and sensitivity settings for each ride and manually edit a few places. I have used it on a few other sources using the VCA preset so it works as more of a compressor.


                I have both bass and vocal rider. As mentioned above, if you adjust the range and use it sparingly - it works well enough.

                Cris suggested that same technique to me on another thread, and it works a treat!

                My only word of caution regarding Vocal Rider is that it, obviously, it works purely on level. Only Automation will bring the lyrics to life, by stressing particular words etc.

                I also tried Vocal Rider on a harmonica track. It gave a much more 'natural feel', than compression. I was really pleased.

                RE: Discount prices, check out Pluginboutique.com

                Steve A

                  I just picked this one up on the cheap, interested in how it works when put to use... as intended, and otherwise...

                  Nathan Kaye

                    I get good mileage out of vocal rider. I automate it on it's own track and adjust a couple of things here and there, but it's definitely a time saver plugin..

                    Kevin Williams

                      I use the VR on most of my guitar solos!!!! Works a treat! ♫♪♫

                      Jonathan Parker

                        I really like the Vocal Rider but like most are saying, the trick is dialing in the sensitivity, target, and ranges. Bass Rider seems to be a little more forgiving for basic parts. I haven't tried it on a really aggressive picked or slapped bass sound yet.


                          I'm actually going to go against the grain here and say I'm not a fan of vocal rider.

                          When I first got it I thought it great but after some time, I find I get much better results doing manual automation and using compressors in series.
                          You've got to get your signal chain right otherwise vocal rider and your compressors end up fighting each other.

                          Maurice Beekman

                            i do use the vocal rider, but only when there is time pressure (uhm, isn't that always). i prefer manual fader rider as it gives me more control. For that reason i went from completely in the box mixing to one fader out the box with the Steinberg CC21 controller.

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