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    Vincent Durmort

      Hi, Vincent here.

      I'm based in China, currently in Chengdu but I will move (again) soon to Shanghai.

      Bio : Been a guitar player for 20 years now, always have been involved in bands back to France. I used to do live recordings and mixing for my band, but also for other bands.
      I always did recording and mixing as a hobby, but I recently switched to full time music.
      Not being able to settle down in one place (I followed my wife in her new job), I started to work only with a mobile rig. I carry my rig around to record either live performances or bands in their own environment like rehearsal rooms, and I mix in my home studio.
      I am using 16 XLR split cables to separate the FOH from the recording.

      DAW of choice : Pro Tools, Logic Pro X (for songwriting and virtual instruments)

      Genres : Primarily rock and blues. I just love that. But I'm always keen to explore new genres.

      Favorite Plugins : Impressed by Butch Vig Vocals, MV2, Two-Notes Wall Of Sound

      Gear List :
      - Audio interface :
      Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
      Focusrite Scarlett Octopre

      - Monitors : M-Audio BX5 D3.

      - Mics :
      Lewitt LCT 440 PURE
      Shure SM57
      Senheiser E609

      - Headset : Beyer Dynamic DT770 PRO (250Ohms)

      Guitar Preamps :
      - Two-Notes Le Clean (American type), Le Crunch (British type), Le Bass.
      - Speaker simulation : Two-Notes Torpedo C.A.B.
      ---> I'm a big fan of Two-Notes. Faulty amp, venue too hard to handle, or for a band with no good amps.

      Apple MacBook Pro with a 27 inches external monitor

      Equipment I have my eyes on :
      - Universal Audio Apollo X8p
      - Presonus Studio Live or equivalent
      - Outboard 1176, LA2A, 1073

      Something special about my place, well not really. I'm always trying to take the best out of the place I can have currently since we're moving a lot these days.
      Fortunately next stop will be the last one 😀



      Facebook :

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