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    Rich Zei

      Hello Academy, I have a couple of suggestions that I have been thinking of since the Academy opened.

      Guest/Co-Feedback Fridays:
      Having a guest mixer/producer (Jack Douglas/Shelly Yakus/Rob Schnaff/etc.) either over Skype or at Spitfire review a couple of the mixes and give their opinions. It would be incredible to hear what some of them have to say.

      Competition or "the best one gets to mix this for the album"
      Have a kind of blind "mix off" and the artist (I would assume a Spitfire artist) chooses the mix/interpretation and the winner either get the mix they did on the record, or they get to mix a song for the record.


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        Really love this first suggestion... it could even be a short snippet of an academy member(s) mix if not a full Feedback Friday with someone else in there.... Maybe listen to Warren's first, then a verse/chorus from a couple of member mixes. Not only could it be done via skype or at spitfire, but in the normal guest's studio... it would be total academy integration. I could see it bringing in more members if that was played on Youtube. They'd get a hint of Feedback Friday's value

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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