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    Nick Tudgey

      Hi Warren

      Thank you for a informative video, I've had a few idea of various videos that I'd personally like to see.

      I think it would be really cool if we could see a tour of your studio? The YoutTube channel has videos of other studio tours, but I'd love to see around yours.
      Do you think you could consider making a video on some of the stuff you really couldn't work without, weather it's hardware gear, mics, guitars or even something as simple as a great plugin?
      Finally, Do you think you talk a bit about why some of the old techologies are great, e.g, what transformers do and how they improve the sound, maybe with the some practical demonstrations, say for example, a recording made with mic preamps, tape, through the console, etc, vs using an audio interface direct into Pro Tools, and maybe what gear you think might become considered 'vintage' in the future.

      One last thing, I understand you've asked us to make video suggestions, but I'd just like to recommend, maybe talking to Musikhaus Thomann about special offers to academy members, they're one of Europe's biggest music retailers and probably among the biggest in the world, they're really switched on towards customer service, and would probably be up for it.
      If not, I'd imagine most people here (myself included) own a piece of Focusrite gear, would you be able to see if they'd be up for making PLAPA members discounts please?

      Many thanks

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