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    Just Lisa

      Hi --

      I have a pile of acoustic panels that used to belong to a recording studio, I think. My employer bought them for a discount but they aren't what we needed and we have installed the right thing for our purposes. We need to move this pile of stuff along, and I need to find out what they are worth.

      The panels are the thick fiberglass (like Owens Corning 703) beveled edges and covered. Definitely professional work.

      Five feet tall, 1 foot wide, two inches thick.

      As far as I know, no one makes five foot ones anymore*, I can only find four foot models. The numbers don't make sense. With the price we paid, they must sell at a premium even used, or we were fleeced.

      Has anyone ever purchased five foot long panels?

      : )

      *Nothing like them on Reverb, eBay, Amazon, or Sweetwater.

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      Just Lisa

        can I upload photos?

        John Gleason

          Hi Lisa,

          I couldn't find a listing for any panels that size either. They are likely custom-made (hence, the premium price). Markets for them might include home theater, restaurants, and meeting rooms (they can always be re-covered or painted). You might check with local acoustic engineering firms to see if they might be interested. If they are non-standard (an acoustic engineer could confirm that), you may be looking at a loss when you sell.

          Good luck!


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