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    Jim Folzman

      Ok, that's cool that it would work with Reaper like that. I hate having to export new drum parts every time I change one little thing.

      Arthur Labus

        Wait, so if you are working in Reaper and there is just "working stereo" track as wav from Hydrogen, and you working the same time with Hydrogen - if you export that drum audio to the same file, Reaper will update the file instantly.
        You don't have to import it every time.
        Sorry if it was not that clear.

        Jim Folzman

          That's cool. I'll have to see it in action to completely understand how it works. Sounds a whole lot better than how I used to do it though.

          Jonathan Parker

            I too have recently discovered Hydrogen. It's exactly what I've been looking for, for years. I used to use a program called Rhythm Brainz. Like, 20 years ago. It worked almost just like hydrogen and at the time I got really good with it. So, I'm all pumped up on hydrogen right now!

            Jim Folzman

              Update. Superior Drummer 2 recently went on sale, and I snatched it up. Holy freaking amazeballs! I love it! I had a whole day to play around yesterday, and did this. It was an idea I had a couple weeks ago. Mix is a little rough, I need a legit mic for my acoustic guitar. My headphones, I've determined, are way too bright, and everything comes out with a less than brilliant quality to it. Enough with the disclaimer, here is what I did with Superior Drummer 2 with a day.

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