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    Adrian O'Connell

      Hi folks,

      I've got a basic question on transient shapers vs compressors for mixing in a DAW.

      For a bit of context, i've been recording for ages, but only on a very amateur and simplistic level. The implication from that being, although I think I get the concept of how compressors work, I'm not sure that I've ever used them "properly".

      Now I've just come across transient shapers and I'm thinking that these may be much better for my needs. For a bit more context, I tend to record rock-y type stuff, wtih live bass / guitar but the drums tend to come from the BFD VI.

      So - point being, that I don't think I need the level evening effect of a compressor for the drums as I can control that when I'm creating the drum part. So if I mainly want to control the attack of the drums and the overall shape of the sound, am I going to be better off with a transient shaper? Or as I missing some ofher benefit of a compressor?




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