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    Sean Johnson

      I hope this is the right topic to put this post.

      I have an unusual problem that, for all I know, is common these days. Everybody buys cloudlifters and have too little gain it seems. For me it's the opposite, both with my Motu M2 and my Arturia Audiofuse interface.

      When I run my mic, any mic (TC1 and R1 Active ribbon from Golden Age Project and Lewitt 440 to be precise), through my outboard gear, (Dbx286s and KT76) I have to set the preamp gain on the interface to zero, or all the way down. Even then, I can't really push the compressors much.

      I don't like using the pad, feels like the sound gets dull/unclean, and I would love to use these preamps in the Audiofuse because they sound very good.

      I know it's probably futile not posting a bunch of numbers on how much gain the compressors and the preamp in the dbx is at, but they are really not turned up much.

      Anyone else have any experience with this and know a solution?

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