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      Name: Tony Pettersson

      Images of my studio

      Short Bio
      I've been a musician, both session as well as touring for more than 20 years.
      Primarily a guitarist but I play the piano, drums, and bass as well.
      Music has always been a huge part of my life, I think I wrote my first song when I was about 6 years old. Never got to be a real rock star though.
      My first real job in the industry was helping out to build a recording studio, completely analog and I learned so much there. The same company then hired me as a FOH mixer for some metal festivals. After that I took every chance I got to work in the studio as an engineer and assistant to producers. This gave me the chance to bring in my own clients but it never really took off.
      I took some years focusing on my bands, touring and writing music and we never really found anyone to produce our stuff so I decided to do that myself. Last year I decided to go for it full time and quit my job and started my own company. Primarily focused on mixing and mastering at first but there has been a lot of FOH mixing and recording as well.

      The DAW I work most in is Cubase Pro

      I work with most genres ranging from Death Metal to HipHop but mostly Metal, rock and progressive music.

      Favorite Plug-ins are Slate's Virtual Mix Rack, Tape machine, Waves SSL 4000 Collection, Waves "C"-series dynamics Slate's FG series compressors.

      My gear.
      Mac Mini (2019)
      32 GB RAM
      i7 3.2 GHZ

      Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo interface
      Shure Beta 91-A
      ADK A-51
      Yamaha HPH-MT8 Headphones
      Adam Audio T5V studio monitors
      Yamaha HS8S Subwoofer (With a footswitch to turn it on and off that I built)
      ESP Horizon NT-X guitar with Lundgren M6 Humbuckers.
      Old Washburn acoustic guitar (Rarely use that nowadays)
      ENGL Fireball 60 W Amp head with ENGL 4x12 Cab
      Peavey VK 212 Combo

      Gear I'm having my eyes on right now is
      Universal Audio Apollo x4 (Or x8p)
      Novation 61SL MKIII (Midi keyboard/controller)
      A new acoustic guitar (Been eying a Yamaha)
      Earthworks DK7 Drum Kit System
      Earthworks SR30
      Second set of headphones but can't decide what to buy. Open back is my only demand at the moment.
      Alesis DM 10 MKII Pro Kit (E-drums)

      In the middle of re-building my home studio so not really much that I can show off right now. The purpose of the re-build is to get better acoustics and room to record more.

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