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    Tony Falbo

      Tony Falbo
      Studio: Notes to the Sea Music
      Artist: Resolooter

      Ham Lake, Minnesota, U.S.

      Bio: I’ve shared this before in this community but here goes…
      In the process of recovering from depression, anxiety, and alcoholism I figured out that in order to be happy, I need to make music. In my teens I was involved in a few blues, grunge, and pop rock bands. The band that lasted the longest primarily played standards from the big band era. As my mental condition(s) worsened in my twenties, I gave up music all together because I couldn’t see a point to it. 10 years later fresh out of a psych ward I picked up my Guild jumbo acoustic and started writing songs again. I have devoted the last three years to getting back the skills I lost playing my instruments (bass, guitar, piano and vocals) and learning a host of new skills recording and mixing.

      DAW: Studio One

      Genres: I attempt pretty much everything, whether I am successful at writing for that genre is another story 🙂

      Favorite Plugins: Omni Channel, MV2, Abbey Road Saturator and Plates, Red Light District (Studio One saturator), ADHD Leveling Amp, ComBear

      Current Gear: Focusrite 18i8, Focusrite Octopre Dynamic, AKG P220, SM57, Blue Yeti, MXL 550 & 551, LyxPro multi-capsule condenser mics (cheap!), some heavily customized guitars and basses, and a super cheap drum set.

      Equipment I keep googling: Lewitt microphones 440 or the matched pair LCT 040 (of course the 940 looks incredible), Presonus StudioLive 32S mixer (because I want to push buttons and faders), a mod kit to change the capsule in my MXL 550 I got the mic in a bundle with my interface and it makes almost everything sound nasal, last but not least the Duesenberg Fairytale Lap Steel with the “multi-bender” because that thing would be a joy to learn.

      Social Media:

      Kit guitar and inspiration wall:

      Acoustics, tools for set ups, inspriration wall:

      Desk, the keyboard is on a drawer and hides under the desk:

      Books, drums, tools, etc...

      2 electrics, 2 basses and a baritone:

      Thanks everyone!

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      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Tony Falbo.
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