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    Tony Harp

      Hi everyone,

      Can someone explain or point me to the video that explains the Toms Down Trick that Warren mentions quite often? I know he said he has demonstrated it in the past but I can't seem to find the video that includes that subject. I"m sure its a simple move but I'd like to get his explanation. Or, if anyone can give me the basics I'd greatly appreciate it.


      Patrick Schindler

        It's just manually turning down the the toms when they are not playing, by using clip gain, automation or similar. Somewhere between -12dB and -24dB seems to do the trick for me. There's no hard and fast rules of course - whatever sounds good to you.

        Warren Huart

          Hi Tony, yes, Patrick explained it pretty perfectly! I stole the trick from Mark Endert, he brings it down around -18db and when compression and EQ is applied the bleed is still evident but it's balanced well with the tom hits. Also the trick I do at the end of songs where I will apply eq to the tail of a sustaining guitar to bring down the high frequency buzz etc can be applied to the end of toms if the decay is going into a cymbal hit etc. I hope that all makes sense? Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

          Tony Harp

            Thanks gentlemen!

            I suspected it might be simple like that, but I didn't want to miss any magical moves I've never heard of. 🙂 And thanks Warren, for the EQ tip about the decays. It makes complete sense and I can see the advantage.



              I watched a video recently, not sure if it was here. In this case Strip silence was used on the tom tracks, but the trick would be separating the part of the clip that contains the decay and render it with an audiosuite low pass filter eq to hide away the cymbal bleed.

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