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    Tal Pipkin

      Good afternoon from sunny Florida,
      Relatively new here on PLAP and was wondering if someone can elaborate on how Warren uses the "Time Adjuster" plugin to move back/forward audio to better correct for phase issues. I tried, several times, listening to the explanation and I am not quite grasping this idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do have phase correction plugins, however I want to REALYY understand his technique. Thank you!

      Dario Silak

        first you need to understand what is phase cancellation and what is happening with sound waves. You will also hear terminology out of phase.

        This video will show you the idea of phase cancellation.



        Tal Pipkin

          Thank you, Dario, however I do understand what "phase cancellation" (audio/video repair graduate) is. My question pertains to the method by which Warren utilizes "Time Adjuster" (i.e. length of the selection, the particular segment he chooses, etc). Greatly appreciate your response though. Take care!

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          Guido tum Suden

            IIRC he has the ruler on Samples. He looks at the waveforms to determine how far (in Samples) the track should be ahead or behind its original position and then types in the number he reads from the ruler accordingly.

            Tal Pipkin

              Thank you, Guido! Greatly appreciated and take care!!

              Scott D Taylor

                RE: Time Adjuster Method Warren uses in PLAP; Are there any video's out there that show a step by step.  Sometimes I need to rely on visual to comprehend. Thanks, Scott

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