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    Angel Hambach

      Hi there,

      I have some questions about doubling guitars tracks. I was watching the Tim Pierce acoustic session and i don't no if he double every track and when he does, if he try to play ecxatly the same on both tracks. I would like to know how he do his work. Thanks for some tips


      Guido tum Suden

        as a rule of thumb I'd say you don't double guitar tracks for the sake of panning them hard left and right.
        You will get phase issues and your correlation meter will go to the wrong side.
        If you double guitar tracks it's probably for some kind of parallel processing, e.g. having different effects on the tracks and blending them together.
        If you only have one guitar track and want to get the hard left and right guitar thing, I would rather try to get the second guitar from another section of the track.
        I recently had an 8 bar guitar part with a 4 bars of chord progression, so I doubled the track and swapped bar 1–4 with bar 5–8 on one track.
        Back to your question. If you want panning you play the track twice, usually exactly the same which is never exactly the same or you play it slightly different.
        If you play 2 tracks of acoustic guitar with different patterns and put them hard right and left you will get this nice panning effect when you hear one hit from the left and the next one from the right, but you shouldn't overdo that.


        Tim Morris

          Hi, a very open question Im afraid, Tim has made a few videos on guitar and so has Warren actually.

          I wouldn't say that any option is completely right or wrong, it depends what you want the end result to be, personally I mostly double acosutics then pan L/R and maybe add a central one also, Tim and Warren both also do the Nashville tuning thing with a set of high strings ( like a 12 string) to add some colour.

          Again, playing exactly the same thing is up to you, if you want it super tight then yes, if you want a wider feel then maybe not, also depend if you have a ballad or a faster pace, lot of things tr consider...but ..try them all !

          Good luck...and lets hear you efforts ?

          This is my double track acoustic...

          Angel Hambach

            thanks for answer and help.
            Well, i am not shure was the right thing is.Tim Pierce doubles a lot, but not everything.
            I want great results, thats why i am asking.


            Arthur Labus

              Well, i am not guitar player, but mixed some stuff with just onle few guitar tracks.
              As Guido already said - to record second tracks is the best choice, but if you have just one - that section trick works marvellously well 🙂
              However, i know also good working trick, using Audacity in particular.
              Double the track and pitch the second around 0,025%.
              Also moving the second track around 12ms is an option.




                Im a guitar player. 😉

                If u record separate mono takes, one on the right and one on the left there wont be phase issues.

                To make it wider u need to put very short delay on one of the takes or simply record slightly different sounds. (Of course I assume we want same riff on both sides- in stereo!)

                For example:

                Swap guitars, somethimes I use LP on one side and Tele on opposite side to play same riff.
                Or change pickup selector.
                Or move mike around.
                Or swap mikes.
                Countless options...

                Hope it makes sense.

                Sounds gotta be similar but not the same.

                Btw. If u guys need any guitars on your songs drop me an email. Ill do it no probs for fellow academy members. 😉 Im not even half as good as Tim Pierce but I can get job done.

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