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    Tony Harp


      Recently, my fire wire connected focusrite interface took the big dirtnap, again.
      So, I've decided to upgrade my windows system to thunderbolt connectivity.
      I am on a very stable windows system which I am upgrading to WIN 10 from WIN 7.
      I have an Apollo Twin MKII on the way. However, I realized that my mobo won't support the few thunderbolt 3 pcie cards that I can find. Sigh. Obviously, I'm extremely new to thunderbolt. Do I have any options for adding the proper connectivity to my setup?
      Or, do I have to upgrade my mobo altogether? My goal was to integrate tb3 into my rig, for now, until I can switch to a MAC. I can't afford that setup just yet, so I'm searching for a solution to get me by. Any and all advice is appreciated


      Toby Ellis

        Apollo Twin MK2 is TB2. So if you get a TB3 card you'll need an adapter. I would highly recommend contacting UAD support and asking what thunderbolt cards they support. I couldn't find the information on their website but I did find the system requirements for TB2/3 on Windows 10.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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