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    Tony Beninate Beninate

      What are your guy's thought on the new Softube SSL Console One unit?

      Looks pretty spectacular to me!

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        that could be very cool and the price isn't to crazy

        Tony Beninate Beninate

          I'm seriously considering pre-ordering...

          Guido tum Suden

            I think it's very interesting.
            One think to consider though: How fast will it be outdated?
            I still have my Logic Control from 2002 or so, but it's just a MIDI controller and while not all features are working anymore I still use it every time I mix.

            Tony Beninate Beninate

              That is something to consider, particularly if you're interested in the DAW integration side of things that I am hoping they add for LPX. Because that requires a both the DAW and the device to be working together.

              Tony Beninate Beninate

                I just received by Softube Console 1 this morning and have played around with it all day. It really is absolutely fantastic. It's already changing the way I mix and it truly does give you the ability to mix with your ears rather than your eyes.

                The SSL 4000 sounds marvelous.

                Looking forward to getting to use this thing more, probably going to use it on my next PLAP mix.

                If anyone here has been thinking about the Console 1, I do highly recommend giving it a shot.

                Ray Foo

                  Hi Beninate I did two mixes using the Console 1

                  Here are the mixes let me know what you think?

                  The next track ASHLEIGH WATSON - LITTLE LOVE I amm trying to use just slate plugins but this is taking me a bit longer than using Console 1.

                  Ray from Perth

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