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    Tiffany Lamothe

      I know no one has written in this particular forum for years, but I wanted to share an amazing experience I had this week.

      While spring cleaning this past weekend, I found my original copy of Ableton LIVE 2. I had only used it a handful of times, as it was more difficult for me than my first choice (which at the time was Voyetra/Turtle Beach’s Digital Orchestrator Pro.) Though it’s ridiculously outdated, it will give me some general idea of the program until I can afford to upgrade.

      Anyway, when I found the disc in my big cd-pouch, I noticed that I hadn’t thought to put the serial number with it. $300+ and I was that stupid.

      Even though all of my info had changed (address, email, last name,) I figured I’d just message them for the heck of it, and see if maybe they still had my registration on file.

      I didn’t expect to get a favorable response. To my surprise, they emailed me and said they’d found my account based on the old info I gave them. All I had to do was go create a new account on their site, and they transferred my info into it.

      I have NEVER received such great support from any company, so I just wanted to share how impressed I am.

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