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      I want to bring back the Workshop Jam Sessions and make it a weekly thing. To do that we'll need a new track to start the jam each week.

      So, I'm looking for members who would like to record a 'one instrument' pattern/progression/sequence to form the 1st step in the Jam session.

      It could be a drum track (live or programmed), bass line, guitar part, keys, synth, etc. It can be just one pattern repeated over and over again or it could be series of patterns (Try to keep things reasonably simple).

      **Couple of Logistical Necessities**

      1. It must be tracked to a click
      2. Recorded at 24 Bit 48 kHz
      3. And include the following information (as applicable*):

      a) Tempo
      b) Key
      c) a basic transcription of chord pattern or melody**

      *It's not necessary to note the Key, etc of a drum pattern

      **Transcription is problematic, because we all have different levels of musical theory. If it is possible, include a simple midi version or basic transcription of just the root notes so beginners can get involved (try not to be smart ar*ses and use a 'drone' šŸ˜‰ )

      Members who are interested, please answer via the comments below.

      We'll be posting a new jam every Friday to coincide with the end of the live Feedback Friday broadcast*.

      *If there is no live feedback, we'll post around the time the Feedback Friday video is posted or would usually be posted.

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      Mark Holden


        I have struggled with adding content previously but would certainly be interested in keep trying this till I get something worth adding šŸ™‚


        Tony Loignon

          Iā€™m in!

          Suggest we try a-by genre approach? Create thread-teams based on genre?


            For now we'll start off with members free to create a the 'starting' track in any genre they like. And then members can come in, add their own tracks mix and match genres. Keep everything free and open to creativity. we'll mix it up week by week so there's a good variety of instruments/genres etc.


            Mary Nance

              Hey guys!

              I'm down, I actually posted a mix for collaborations earlier today called Chilling. I've been working on music all day and ended up making a song with loops in the hopes of practicing my songwriting. Where should we be posting for these things?

              ~ Mary

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