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    William Waller

      My little commercial studio in Rapid City, SD.
      I know…where the hell is that? I live in Rapid City about 25 miles from Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills. There is a surprising plethora of very talented musicians hiding out here and I am privileged to work with most of them. I run a small commercial recording studio on a part time basis. Always learning new stuff and trying to push my comfort zones. If I don’t learn something new every time I walk into this place, I’m brain dead, LOL! My studio is mostly hybrid with “out of the box” mixes via Pro Tools. I use Dangerous 2 bus summing amplifiers and an SSL G series stereo bus compressor back into the box. I’m fortunate to have acquired some very nice mics and pre amps over the years and have them normalled to an Antelope Orion AD/DA converter. I love talking gear. I was trained in the old school and started with tape in the early 80’s.

      We have an asymetric 38x40 tracking room, designed around Daniel Lanois' "Teatro" in east LA. I have been recording and playing music since I was 12. I have a degree in music theory and play keys, guitar and some sax. I have a passion for the Hammond B3. Nothing floats my boat more than having a client listen to a mix and smile and go, "Wow, that's me?!" And by the way, I forgot to mention that I am a practicing Urologist. Tom Lord Alge's nickname for me is "Dr. Dick" I know... what can I say?
      Check out our web site:

      Koss Billingham

        Nice. Dig the Big Lebowski style rugs, they really tie the room together.

        Lukasz Frankowski

          What an inspiring place to be in!

          Brian O'Neill

            Nice room.

            I like the vibe and the lighting!

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