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      Hey Warren,
      I really appreciate everything you and your team does. Great job. I would like to see a video to help me streamline my initial recording session. I would love to see what the big time pro studios do when a client contacts them, sends a demo, sits down to record the first track to the click etc. This is what I do or try to do in the studio and and it works for me, but I feel it can be more efficient (and maybe even more professional):
      1. Client contacts me to do a few songs (typically just a few due to costs). We discuss costs and options for recording in the studio. We set down guidelines etc to turnaround times and other things that require a response.
      2. I ask for an initial demo and listen to the content, sometimes make suggestions to length etc
      3. I will ask them for an instrument list for the tracks, tempo, and sheet music if possible.
      4. We discuss time frames and what their anticipated release date is (wether reasonable or not)
      5. I then ask them to put together a demo with a click track to use in our first session in the studio. Sometimes we have to do this on day one in the studio because they don't have a click to go by.
      6. We make a date to record in the studio.
      7. If they had a demo that is exactly what they want the song to be and was put to a click track I will often use that for the initial recording to save the client and myself time (I don't charge for studio time right now) - first track is typically laying down the lead instrument. Sometimes I have to build the demo with the click in the studio for them to use to lay down the tracks (I found this helpful since some artists can't just play without singing or other instruments playing - this helps cross over that barrier).
      8. As we run through the demo or even the first take I make adjustments using headphones and listen for distortion (some of my outboard analog gear doesn't show clipping, but will clip), I also listen for strange noises and tone and gain that is not correct.
      9. I will make corrections to the tone, compression and gain, then record the first track again to get it just right.
      10. Then I will go through the instruments and record them
      11. Often I will go back at night and correct any timing issues then proceed with the next stage - mixing.

      So this is my initial contact, demo, and first studio session in a nutshell. I would like to see other workflows to see if I could reduce time in the studio or if there is a way to make my way more efficient. I know you have a lot of videos on how to record, but I don't have issues with recording, just the prep work and studio time to get what I need and what the client needs.

      Thanks for all of your suggestions - and hopefully someday I will see a video of the "From client greeting to the first stage in mixing".

      I hope that was detailed enough...
      Regards - Paul

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