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    Christopher Feeney

      I was watching a long-time Cubase producer import some audio into Cubase Pro 8.5 and then use Tempo Detection to analyze the tempo and move the warp nodes to adjust the tempo precisely. He did it all so fast it was hard to follow as a beginner.

      Once he had the tempo adjusted, he record one bar at the beginning of the track and then bounced/replaced the track. A few questions.

      What was the purpose of the little bit of recording at the beginning before the bounce?

      Steinberg Quick Tips video on this topic uses a Set Definition From Tempo feature to write the tempo to the project or track. Yet, he didn't do that? Is that step no needed or can be achieved several ways.

      Also, he went into "Musical Mode" when working on the tempo, but took it off when done. Lost on that one.

      Anyway, looks like a powerful tool. Seems to me using that to align audio to the grid is better than slicing and moving segments if audio. Thoughts on when to slide and when to align using ?? audio stretch?

      Kevin Williams

        What was the link?
        I have been trying to use this idea for years. It sort of works...
        However, you can use the technique to alter the tempo of a track! Or steal a groove and make your track use that groove. Both make use of musical mode.

        I find that it only takes you so far. I was only doing this a couple of days ago with mixed results. I'm still experimenting...

        Christopher Feeney

          Sorry for delay. No link. My producer was doing it on my track and I watched via Skype.

          But there are links out there on YouTube. It works. I played a bass track (I'm no bass player either) that was off and I used it and low and behold it locked me to the grid. Great tool for bass.

          I did it a few weeks ago. And I can't remember how I did it. LOL.

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