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    Cody Meade

      hey all,
      I'm working with a composer/songwriter who has a collection of 15 or so instrumentals. He mentioned to me kind of in-passing that he'd like to someday compose for film. My initial thought was that sync licensing might be worth looking into. so I started looking around for options. Learned that there are a whole bunch of 'micro-sync' licensing services for YouTube and stuff. like these ones, and other ones like taxi, or the 'old-fashioned' way of getting out there and making friends.

      I'm pretty sure he's going to want to look for non-exclusive deals on this one, since he also wants to release the collection to music streaming services. I'm not sure if there's any overlap between say, releasing an album on cdbaby for example AND licensing the music to a youtuber.

      Just wondering if anybody has any experience with this? any advice I could give to this composer to help him start asking the right questions and looking in the right places?


      Cody Meade

        so here's an update...
        I ended up emailing a handful of music licensing platforms. within 24 hours I recieved 3 replies.
        One of them said they work with artists that are NOT affiliated with a P.R.O.
        Two of them would like to hear some of the material.

        So it didn't answer the technical question, but I guess its a step in the right direction. Shows the importance of taking action.
        But it raises more questions like, if this songwriter gets his music into some of these catalogues, (it doesn't end there) how to get the listing in front of the right people?

        Sasa Aleksik

          What is the best website to offer a film music?Or something...someone?Thanks

          Cody Meade

            I'm not sure Sasa. tbh there are lots of variables that go into what is the 'best'

            what are you looking for? what kind of music do you make? what kind of music are the websites (and the filmmakers browsing them) looking for?

            I'd recommend spending some time on your search engine.
            -find as many of these sites as possible
            - some ideas for search terms: micro sync licensing - micro licensing music - music licensing subscription
            -read as much about the sites as possible.
            -find the right fit for you and reach out to them.

            wish I could give you a direct answer "this one, use this one" but I hope this helps...

            Sasa Aleksik

              Thank you on promp response.
              I,m trying to make some ambience -film music My oldest songs .
              I was thinking to offer to someone via internet who,s competent to judge ...
              and get the honest answer of my songs.It,s very hard to reach right people !

              Cody Meade

                found this link in the forums lots of good stuff in there.

                Fred Guggenberger


                  From my point of view, it´s not the best idea to "offer your music all over the place", which means, getting into any sync-agency and / or library you can. There are libraries, that sell songs for an average price of 20 or 30 bucks ... Imagine you want to make a living with it and you need ... say 3.000 a month. How many placements do you need each month to pay the bills?

                  Also that different companies have different kinds of clients. So you can work with a library that is mostly selling to guys that pay 30 bucks and want Royalty free music. At the same time, there are agencies, that sell to clients with way more money and you get cash from your PRO anytime your music is on TV ... so you get money for the license and then again from your PRO.

                  Another thing:

                  There is a company that takes 75% of the money from the sync license, plus 50 % of the publishing. And another taking 30 % from the sync license and zero from the publishing. Company one doesn´t move one finger to get you placements. They only put your music in a catalogue of 50.000 or more songs, why Company B is working with a small group of artists and works their butt off for them. Which one would you choose? 😉


                  Company A is charging you each month for representing you and further money anytime you are pitching a song to an opportunity ... Company B only makes money when they get a placement for you. Which one would work harder to get your music into a movie, TV show or commercial?

                  To me, the Music Gateway Sync Agency looks like a good place to go. The guys there are great and you can also ask for feedback on your songs. I have good experiences with them. If it´s about ambient music, it would not hurt to search for the companys where everybody goes, that needs that kind of music. Sadly I don´t know, which ones are the big dogs in that field. Maybe check out some of the composers that are getting a lot of placements in that area and look who is representing them.

                  I hope, that helps a little. 🙂

                  Wish you much success!

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