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    Joey Boswell

      Starting this thread to share progress as we move towards a large studio format to accommodate clients, equipment etc... Hopefully this may help others who need to grow into larger spaces that can help support future clients that may need long stay's at your recording studio.

      If you think this info is helpful or useful please let me know.

      A little background on myself. I have been a design engineer (Electrical / Mechanical / Automation) for over two decades for large companies and my own. I currently own and operate several businesses and consult helping new business owners get started off in the right direction regardless of segment. If anyone here in the PLAP community ever needs help feel free to contact me. I must disclose I am NOT an attorney I have a lot of experience in regulatory matters, taxes, contracting, IP creation, patents, trademarks & protection, etc...

      The problem creates opportunity:
      Currently we are in decent size facility in a small town where I run a research and marketing company with four employees, three offices and design area. The facility is roughly 2,250 sq-ft and we are running out of space quick due to adding a recording studio last year. This creates a problem when clients need to record and our space as now shrunk due to recording equipment and recording space.

      We are looking and doing some research on a facility that needs upgrading and brought up to code and offers 7,500+ sq-ft. Building was built in 1938 and was a city Law Enforcement facility with three floors, Law Enforcement just recently vacated the building to move into a new facility. This facility will allow enough room to house our content marketing operations (Videography, Photography and offices) and offer tons of space for studio operations. Plenty of restrooms, kitchens, lobby, etc...

      The roof will be converted into a partially covered outdoor lounge area that will convert the building from three floors to four. (This of course if the negotiations go well and we purchase the building).

      If the PLAP community is interested in this process I will continue to update the thread.


      Joey Boswell

        NOTE: I posted this in the "Music Business" group on purpose because this is more about the growth aspect and what is involved versus the physical mechanical aspect.

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