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    Just Lisa

      Hi --
      I hope someone can help me figure out how to fix a problem I discovered after my hard drive failed on Sunday. No, the failure wasn't Studio One's fault and it is being handled.
      What I discovered: my new 1 terabyte hard drive (in December) was over three quarters full! The backing up process has been really tedious, especially since I know I haven't done that much work.
      My husband (R&D robotics and AI) who has been managing memory longer than (... imagine tape decks and those scenes from TV and movies in the 60s with the large reel to reels and you'll get the idea ...) anyone else I know, suggested that the Song files are perhaps grabbing blocks that are larger than the actual file sizes in anticipation of becoming an average size that has been predetermined by the program. So, when my Studio One file says it contains 2.5g the program has reserved a much larger amount of space for itself.
      Also, I know the default setting for Autosave is ten minutes. I had already changed that to 1 hour. He suggested turning that off completely. And you all shudder and say NO! But, I do hit Control S by reflex way more often than that, so he's not out of line.
      And my livelihood does not depend on this, yet.
      And I have back ups of everything except the Songs I created since January. And nothing is critical because I'm just learning how to use the software.
      I really don't want to have to rebuild the whole system from scratch, kwim? Which is why I am suffering through the tedious back and forth of getting the data off the old drive and on to the new drive and separating the OS and learning more about partitions than I ever wanted to, etc.

      I'm using Studio One Professional. I have a respectable number of third party plugins. I've been downloading multitracks from here, Pro Mix Academy and the Cambridge site. I've only recorded about an hour of guitar tracks.
      My music collection (I still buy all of my music) might be as large as 100g. (And it's backed up safely. In two or three locations.)

      Questions in short:
      Is there a way to determine how much memory S1 is reserving for itself and tell it to stop?
      Is there an easy way to get rid of all of the autosave files I don't need?
      When I tell a Song to delete files from the cache, it doesn't delete all the autosave files pertaining to the Song. Why not?

      We ordered a solid state drive for the computer (a Dell laptop designed for gaming) as well as a new hard-drive and the husband is going to install the operating system on it and leave the hard-drive for everything else. Any advice about how to manage the new digs?

      How do other people deal with file storage and back ups? It would be excessive to save everything when so much of it is unnecessary to begin with.

      Because I haven't even started recording yet!

      : )

      Magnus Johansson

        memory, not had any issues and I dont have that much RAM, just 8GB. not sure what you mean. RAM or diskspace, per song or installation? Is it OS related?

        remove the autosave files... open the song folder, in the history folder you find all autosaved song files.

        why not? good question:) a tickbox sure could be useful here.

        Just Lisa

          Sorry. I have 16gb ram. I'm talking about disk space.
          Yes, I know about the autosave in the history folder -- I'm looking for an easier way to delete them without having to dig through all the sub folders.
          Interesting about the OS. Husband ran across some kind of file corruption at that level. All the data copied to the new hard drive and it's behaving exactly like the old hard drive. He's got the OS on the solid state drive now, so in theory I have a brand new computer to work with, but that doesn't solve the memory problem for the future. He's still working on rescuing all of my data -- 50% of which is useless. That's the frustrating part.
          If people were having trouble with Windows 10 and Studio One working together, I think we would have heard about it already.

          Question: what is an average file size for you for a Song in Studio One?
          : )

          Magnus Johansson

            My My Sweetest Goodbye .song file is around 5MB. It started with less than 200KB then at some points made some larger leaps. My guess is I did something Melodyne at those points.
            My history folder for that perticular song actually has exploded to close to 1 GB. I have some cleaning to do as well. Shame that "Versions" gets saved to the same directory. and with no clue to wich version it is... just not having autosaved to its filename. Lame solution.
            If you havn´t found it yet, it´s quite easy opening the songs folder from rightclicking the song from StudioOnes start menu.

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            Magnus Johansson

              Just made a search in my StudioOne Songs folder after "(autosaved)" and removed it all. Thousands of files. Several gigabytes to the trash.

              In win10, open the Songs folder and do the search.

              Autosave upped to the hour. I´m quite good at hitting that ctrl-s too 🙂

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