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      Howdy all.
      I have 21 days left on my free demo, but likely I will go ahead and pull the trigger. The only snag so far is that I had all kinds of grief getting it to recognize and work with my ZOOM R8. I ended up using a generic driver (ASIO4ALL). I only got it loaded and working with the help of my favorite music equipment vendor's technical support. I haven't hammered on it yet. So far, I only know that now it will recognize and play nice with the Zoom R8. I'll let ya know how it goes.
      I also found out that my version of CUBASE ELEMENTS 8 qualifies for the crossgrade discount, bringing the cost of S13PRO down a good bit.

      More later. Have fun, all.

      Mike Krowiak

        Hi. I assume you saw the comments here? -mk.


          wow, no! and i searched the knowledge base (apparently not well enough) for anything regarding zoom r8. I'll dig into this thread and thank you so much for the info.


            I'm about sorry to ask this, but I can't seem to get off the ground. I've been in IT and around computers all of my career and I've been playing for a few decades. I don't know where to go to get from A to Z (mic to disk). Just a few clues is all I need. I appreciate anything. I was able to mess a bit with Cubase but haven't made the logical leap to S1. Any clue at all will be a blessing.

            Mike Krowiak

              Kelly, "From mic to disk" is a wide topic--especially if the "disk" is a CD. 🙂 There are tons of recording resources out there, probably for your specific DAW. (First I'd work in whatever DAW you're more comfortable with; no need to be learning two right now...) If it's the exact StudioONE steps you need help with, I'm sure the manual has step-by-step instructions. If not, there's always YouTube... If it's more general arranging and mixing tips you need, you're in the right place! Please let us know where you're getting stuck and I'm sure we'll get you hooked up! -Mike.

              Robin Jackson

                Hi Kellyman, I'm a ProTools user so can't give you any advice in that respect but here is some resources you should find helpful.




                I hope these 3 links will be of help in finding a solution to your issue and also help you just in general with Studio One.


                Rich Westphal

                  Hi Kellyman,,, I responded to you in my Introduce Yourself Post...
                  You left a post of this topic,, I'll copy that info here for you.
                  Glad to see you still have Demo time left.

                  They should work fine together, even if needing to use ASIO4all, and to trouble shoot it you would need access to studio one again if the Demo is expired.
                  You could download the Free one, Prime is Studio One 3 free version.
                  You would not be able to use 3rd party plugins, although it would be useful for testing.

                  Hopefully your on facebook, lol,,, tough to troubleshoot in this thread…
                  This group is dedicated for Studio One users,,, For beginners and transitioning DAW users,,,
                  I help Admin the group as well,,, great group of people and more help than you thought existed,,, no such thing as a stupid question there…

                  HST Studio One Support Group

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