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    Mark Towse

      Hi Guys,

      Settled on Adam Ax5 for my first proper home studio monitors, thanks for all the advice. Looking for a suitable pair of earphones to go with that, hopefully not much more than $250-$350 price range. I see some great pairs like the available like the Neumann NDH 20 (My present prefered choice, although a bit pricey), but this has a 5hz to 30khz response (some other models going up to 40khz), that's way higher and lower than a human can hear - will it make a difference? Is there an optimal range for the audio spectrum covered, so I'm not paying extra for frequencies that nobody can actually hear? Also, is the maximum decibel level important, I can see 96 up to 114 on various models, not plannign on listening to or mastering up to anywhere near that loud, haha.

      Speaks and earphones for over £1k - what an industry 🙂

      Many thanks,


      Dave Le Sange

        Hey Mark,

        I really like the Beyer DT-990s for mixing on. They're not really what you'd call 'flat' but I find I can work on them all day with minimal ear fatigue.

        They're capable of skull shaking volume too, so no worries there.

        They go for between £125-200 depending on sales etc. Right in your price range.

        Only negative I have is that they do need a decent headphone amp. Your phone/standard mp3 player may not quite be enough to power them.

        Mark Towse

          That's great Dave, thanks very much - will look in to them!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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