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    Mark Moore

      Hey guys,
      Did everyone here download and start using the new BandLab Cakewalk?
      Or did you switch to another DAW?
      Or are you stubbornly still using good 'ol Sonar?

      I downloaded the new Cakewalk and it sits on my desktop unopened.
      I bought the latest Pro version of Studio One and looked at it maybe 3 times.
      I bought Pro Tools 2018 perpetual license and it also sits unopened.

      I use my faithful buddy Sonar everyday for everything still, and will until it will no longer work with any OS.
      I do a lot of songwriting/co-writing/collaboration and demos and it is like a well worn, comfortable baseball glove.
      Just wondering what you guys are using.


        Hey Mark, I loved Sonar until I tried Studio One, Switched last year when presonus gave Sonar owners cross-grade pricing. Have not looked back once i got used to the interface. Found the work flow to be fast especially for mixing.
        Good luck

        CJ [Spectrum424]

          Hey Mark,

          I downloaded and using the BandLab version of Cakewalk and never looked back.
          I've been using Cakewalk/Sonar since late 90:s so i'm really used to it.

          The new version works like a charm and get updated on regular basis. BandLab kept most of the staff of progamers and developers so it acts and feels just like my Sonar Platinum. The transition from Platinum to Bandlab version was smoothe and all my settings, templates and plugins works as it did before.

          The new version also installs as a new version and don't replace any of the old files so you can always go back to your old buddy if you want to 🙂



          Mark Moore

            Hey John,
            I did the same thing and bought Studio One with the cross-grade discount.
            I'm going to start using it more due to the fact that it works so well with Kontact. I always have trouble with it in Sonar.
            I'll probably track Kontact in Studio One and import it into SPlat.
            Thanks for the tip.

            Mark Moore

              Hey CJ,
              I know a lot of Sonar user guys have switched to BandLab and are happy with the transition. I downloaded and it still comes up in demo version. And I'm usually too busy to futz with it. Someday I probably will just to see if the end result is there.
              I did hear that a lot of the programmers went to BandLab.
              I'm wondering how they monetize it? Is there a subscription or are they data farming?
              Thanks for the input.

              By the way, I like your website. Sounds good.

              Ken Nilsen

                Hi. I have and use Cakewalk by Bandlab, but have more or less ported over to Studio One 4 Pro for new projects.
                I got desperate when Gibson shut down SONAR and got Studio One (then version 3, for what was supposed to be) as a backup DAW when they announced a very reasonable crossgrade price.
                But I kinda fell for S1, and mainly use it these days.
                I still keep CbB fully updated at all times.
                All the best.

                Robert McClellan

                  Been a Cakewalk user since Sonar LE and then Upgraded to Platinum right before Gibson dropped support. However, I have never switched! I have downloaded to new Cakewalk by BandLab (essentially Platinum) and have been loving every new update that they've come out with.

                  I recently had the opportunity to speak with Meng (the CEO of BandLab Technologies), he reached out to me to say thank you for all of the videos that I've been doing over the years. I was taken back by his down to earth attitude and the fact that he is set on keeping Cakewalk FREE forever!


                    I have used Cakewalk since Home studio 9 (I am in fact looking at the box right now). Don't see any reason for changing DAW.

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