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    Steve Roy

      Hello everybody! Hope your doing great. I sharing a photo of my really modest home studio. I saw a few pictures WOW! some of you really have a nice set up and nice gear. My name is Steve Roy and i’m from Drummondville, (Québec, Canada) I’ve played bass, and i’ve studied a few years back studio engineering. I hope to get a second set of speakers in a near future that would be nice and a big help to mix with another audio reference sound device.
      Hello, I just want to tell you a little about me. I've got an electric bass diploma in popular music since 1990 (in these 3 years I also played Upright classical and JAZZ for 2years). So you know now i'm 54 years old. I headed back to school in 2012, for 3 years at University to teach primary grade. Then switch back the 4 year for AEC engineering (Acreditation College Studies). Then 3 years ago, I had no choice and had to work in factories to pay my studies. So I'm mixing at home for my pleasure because music always was part of me, and will always be. I'm trying to do better every time and i'm really a meticulous worker. Even do it's for fun, i listen and If I can get it to sound better I'll do it. I work with Protools on MAC, Pioneer Speakers DJ05, 1 small 808 CANZ speaker, Headphones AKGMKII K271, Focusrite Scalett 18i20, and of course my electric basses (a 5 strings Fender Squier precision Bass Pro Tone Series + a 7 strings Fretless from my friend luthier Jacques Simmoneau), Bass AMP GK 800RB + Heartke 2X10 and a 1980 bass preamp Mclish that I bought from Alain Caron (Many many years ago). Have a nice day, Steve « My home studio picture is on the New Feed »

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