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    Fernando Nunez

      Hi there! Hope everyone's doing great!

      I'm looking for a affordable ribbon and multipattern mic, and searching through the internet I found the Sterling mics and they seem to be a good option but there's really not much about them anywhere, just a couple of youtube videos but nothing special, and I haven't really found reviews of actual mic owners, so I wanted to ask if any of you guys know these mics or have you ever tried one? They look nice and seem to be good value for the money and I'm really tempted to buy a couple, but first I just wanted to know a bit more, sinces I have never heard of this brand.

      Hope you have great day!

      Best regards!

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      Jason Davenport

        Hey Fernando,

        Not real familiar with Sterling Audio Mics, I've seen the same videos, and write ups. This link here has a searchable database of almost every mic ever made. I use it all the time for researching. Hope this helps!

        Jeff Macdonald

          I had a Sterling ST-51 about 7 years ago, it was a typical high-end/brittle hyped sounding mic. Very similar to much of MXL's offereings. They are good for the price, but I got rid of it for mics that didn't require as much post processing. I have no experience with their $400+ range, those might be considerably better. For inexpensive and seriously good ribbon mics, APEX makes some for about $80USD that are deadly.

          I would take a serious look at the Lewitt stuff, especially with the PLAPA discount. Those are seriously good mics for a very low price because of the deal Warren has arranged for us.



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