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    Just Lisa

      Hi --
      Not sure where to ask this, really.

      The Klanghelm VU meter has a stand alone application. I'm trying to get it to work, it needs a thing called "Jack" I have that. But, contrary to the Klanghelm manual, there is no tutorial about getting it set up.
      Has anyone tried to do this? I'm using Windows 10.

      Basically, I need a way to monitor signals coming in from other sources like Soundcloud for level matching and AB'ing stuff.

      : )


        Getting what set up, the thing called "Jack" or the VU meter? If you have questions about the latter, the developer, Tony, is very approachable. Just send him an email at [email protected]

        Just Lisa

          Hi Winter --
          The VU meter stand alone requires an additional piece of software called "Jack"
          The VU meter manual says there is a tutorial with the Jack software but I can't find it.
          I will get over feeling silly and email Tony.
          Thank you.
          : )

          German engineering is, of course, some of the best engineering in the world. What do you do?
          (my husband is in robotics and AI here in the States)


            Hey Lisa,

            you're most welcome. And I'm a sound engineer who used to run a multi-room facility here in Oakland, CA, but have been without my own place for two years now. I am also German, and I thought German Engineering sounded kinda catchy, so I adopted it for my new, independent engineering career. Now I'm mixing in my attic, still living the dream 😀


            Sergio Maggi

              Hey Lisa, if I may suggest, try this one, free and customizable. I installed it last year... and I find it perfect 😉


              Just Lisa

                Hi Sergio --
                I looked, but I can't see that it operates outside a DAW. I'm looking for a way to monitor incoming signal from Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.
                : )

                Simon Brown

                  I don't know much about JACK, all I've been able to find is the Windows setup instructions here:

                  face (chris) Janton

                    I don't know jack about JACK on a Mac either 😉

                    A similar tool on the Mac is "Soundflower" - basically a software audio interface/mixer. It's no longer supported, but still available.


                    The Rogue Amoeba software folks make some very useful tools that let me capture audio from applications, route it wherever, add plugins, record, etc.


                    I regularly use Audio Hijack to listen to PLAP YouTube live while applying the very tools to the audio. Great learning experience. Handy for comparing audio streams and the like.

                    According to their "comparative" software for PC's


                    you may want to look at the VB-Audio software at


                    might do the trick?

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