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    chris massa

      In listening to some Feedback Friday and mention of phasing I wonder if anyone uses a plugin like this to get the phase correction closer?

      Magnus Johansson

        I use mautoalign from Melda productions. It's not pretty but it works. Got it on sale 50% off.

        Guido tum Suden

          I'm usually moving tracks and if necessary invert polarity.

          Steve A

            I use Time Adjuster which comes stock in Pro Tools, and just picked up UAD's plug version of the Little Labs IBP.
            Side note: I would have never paid the 100 dollar price for the IBP, but I had a coupon that made it only $25.
            I'm not familiar with the Auto Align...
            *edit* I just checked both auto and mautoalign, they seem similar in function, but mautoalign is less than half the price :O

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            chris massa

              Here's another one but more about noise suppression the use a phase tool.

              Jared Sherman

                I use Drumatom and that is great but it doesn't do what the SoundRadix does for phase. I tested out the SoundRadix once and it is really a great tool, but it's as much of a workflow tool as it is anything else. One could probably achieve the same results by very carefully analyzing the phase relationships between all your drums, aligning them properly and flipping the phase when necessary - but who wants to spend all that time doing that when there is a quick fix in a plugin. I may buy it eventually.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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