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    Daniëls Nathan

      Does anyone know the technique to get that intro sound of this song?
      I love that intro sound, but i cant find how it's made.

      This would really help 🙂

      Magnus Emilsson


        Sounds like a reversed saturated synth bass with a timed tremolo.
        Focus on the spectral parts of the sound and find something close first, then play around with reversing it.Then add a quarter or eight note tremolo on it.

        Guido tum Suden

          What exactly do you want to know?
          The sound itself seems to be a very hard bass synth. You can only hear it for a fraction of a second
          The motion is probably a different sidechained instrument (not a kick in the case) which influences the filter.
          Since it's very irregular it could also be played with a modulation wheel once and the recorded automation was copied or the whole pattern was recorded.

          I would go with Magnus that the sound is also reversed, but I can't hear a 8th tremolo. Isn't the motion is too unsteady for that?


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