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    John Rosario

      I purchased sonarworks reference 4 with the microphone a couple of days ago. I followed the instructions and calibrated my monitors. I put the sonarworks plugin on the last insert of my mixbus and mix thru it. I just finished my mix and in the sonarworks manual it says I'm supposed to disable the plugin before I print the mix. I disabled the plugin and printed the mix. I listen to the mix in my car but it didn't sound like the mix I did in my studio. So I went back into my studio printed the mix with sonarworks turn on. I then listened to my mix in my car. The mix translated great to my car. The mix sounded good. I did a bit of research and what I'm read around the internet is I'm suppose to disable before I print. I also notice the the plugin is giving me around 2 to 3 db of gain. When I bypass sonarworks I lost 2 or 3 db on my mixbus which throws of my compression. I'm mixing thru a summing mixer. I have a antelope audio orion32 interface. The outputs are going to a burl audio b32 mixbus. The sum of the mixbus goes thru a burl audio b2 bomber adc and then back into Orion. Can someone help please. I must be doing something wrong


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